Areej Trading Est W.L.L.

Pipe Support Systems

We stock and sell the entire range of pipe fixing / support systems of “Flamco” consisting of universal clips, wall mounted clamps, pipe hangers and sprinkler clips, rail and rail accessories, mounting accessories, stainless steel mounting material, Clevis Hangers and Rollers etc.

The Flamco group is a member of the Aalberts Industries N.V. and is concerned with the development of production and sale of high quality components for use in HVAC systems as well as pipe support systems.  Flamco offers successful and innovative solutions for commercial and residential buildings and sustainable energy, across the globe.  The Flamco range consists of expansion vessels, safety valves, storage vessels and water heaters, equipment for de-aeration and dirt separation, valves and fittings for solar systems; Rails, clips, brackets and other mounting material for hanging and supporting pipes and radiators.

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